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Photoshoot for a portfolio 13 Apr, 2017

Every year, a professional photoshoot is organized for the students of Make-up and Hair at Christine Valmy to showcase their skills and give them an opportunity to develop an understanding of being part of the beauty business. So on 13th April, a professional photographer was invited to the Academy and the students got a chance to put together their portfolio for Make-up and Hair. The photographer guided the students about the best use of lights and angles and technical tips on how to enhance a model’s features.

This was a great learning experience for the students of Christine Valmy, giving them ample scope to learn about make-up in relation to photography and the skills they need to develop so that the make-up and hairstyles that they do are highlighted in the best possible way during a photoshoot. The students practiced various looks on the models, which were then shot by the photographer and the photographs became part of the portfolio of the students.

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