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Haircut Trends – 2018

24 Apr. 2018 / Haircut

Long layers

You know, it’s okay if you don’t want to cut off all your hair. And you have every right to want a new hairstyle nevertheless. So the best way to strike a compromise is to get some long layers, which add texture, volume and some oomph! Just make sure that the shortest layer is chin-length. It’s not quite a new idea, but the long layers are a great way to play around with your hair without doing anything too drastic. Layers and angles won’t let your hair look flat or dated. Visualize Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle. It works all the time, doesn’t it?

Try a pixie look

It’s tough if you’re vertically challenged. Maxi dresses, not matter how much you want them, are not meant for you. You always have to ask for help when you’re reaching for stuff on the top shelf, and to make things worse, long hair is taboo too! While the fact that you can’t have long hair is not written in stone, it’s just that long hair actually overpowers your overall look. For a short person, hair that goes past the shoulders pulls you down visually and makes you look even more petite! A shorter hair style, like a pixie, will expose your neck and visually ‘pull you up’, adding length to your frame.

Androgynous mullets, shags, and short styles

Androgynous hairstyles such as mullets and shags, and shorter styles in general, are going to make a statement in 2018, much the same as the concepts of gender fluidity and ‘breaking the binary’ assert themselves socially. Ruby Rose is a prime example of both statements. Styles daring into the mullet territory will be sought after. Yes, you heard it right – the mullet is back! However, if this style is not what you want, (it’s not easy, I know), fear not. Other gender-fluid looks are also something to think about. Channel your inner retro diva. Think Twiggy and take a plunge into the shorter side of things. They do make your features pop and elongate the neck, you know. So shorter styles can’t be all that bad!

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