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Dramatic Dark Lips

24 Apr. 2018 / Make-Up

Make-up is the quickest and easiest way to change the way we look. A touch of kohl and some lip color can make a world of difference. Some of us, however, always avoid dark lip colors, thinking that we can’t pull it off. While it may look extreme, dark shades can actually make you look sophisticated and elegant, provided of course that you’re wearing it for the right occasion.

It’s best to avoid dark lip colors if you’re going out for a fast food/oily food dinner. Red, purple, burgundy and similar colors tend to smear and become patchy when they come in contact with oily food. Also avoid dark lips if you plan to be out the whole day, as dark shades require maintenance.

Here are some tips and tricks to pick the best lip color for your skin tone:

  • Women with lighter skin usually look better in tones of pink while women with darker coloring could consider brown lip color. Colors with blue undertones are preferred by light-toned ladies, but, in small doses, it can make actually make teeth look whiter.
  • Before applying the lip color, preferably with a brush, line your lips with a color closest to the lip color.
  • As dark lip colors call attention to the lower part of your face, balance it out by filling in your brows.
  • If you want your dark lips to be the star of your face, then keep the rest of your make-up minimal. Gold and bronze are good colors to pair with dark lips. And of course, winged eyeliner always works!
  • Use some bronzer to keep your cheeks from looking washed out next to the dark lips. Neutral or shades of bronze, or even berry tones, will work.
  • The darker the lip color, the more chances of it straying onto your teeth. Before walking to the door, put a finger in your mouth, like a lollipop, close your lips around it, and pull it out. Extra lip color will end up on your finger and not your teeth, thankfully!

Show off your dark lips with confidence. The bold color will make you the centre of attention, so bask in your diva moment!

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