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Beauty Routine for Vacations

14 May. 2019 / Uncategorized

With summers fast approaching, it’s time to protect your skin from the harsh summer heat. Taking a vacation soon? Don’t neglect your precious skin as you go into vacation mode. Christine Valmy International Academy of Beauty will help you with some must pack basics for your skin care. The CTMP routine kit is a no brainer. Your ‘Clean, Tone, Moisturize ’ ritual has to be strictly adhered to, topped up with high SPF sunscreen. These vitals go in first into the toiletries kit. Traveling has a way of cutting into your sleep, a good under eye cream to combat those pesky dark circles. Blotting paper to soak up the secretion of the oil glands which go into a frenzy mode in summers. Carry face masks and packs to revitalize and nourish your skin. Between flights and late night parties, your skin ends up tired, parched and dull. Use cosmetic masks or homemade face packs like honey, cucumber, tomato, curd. Slather them on, giving your skin a treat this vacation. Finally, don’t forget to put in a face mist to give your skin that instant perk. Let your skin’s healthy glow shine through while on vacation, with Christine Valmy International Academy of Beauty handy tips.

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